EP#58: Mental Health and Wellbeing Amidst COVID-19 – with Tony Bradford and Rachel Clements

Tony Bradford is the co-founder and Managing Director of the Centre for Corporate Health, an organisation that specialises in helping workplaces of all shapes and sizes to better manage mental health, psychological safety and workplace stress.

Originally a country boy from the Riverina, he ran away from home and joined the Navy at the age of 17 and started his career as a navigation officer driving ships and patrol boats. Fascinated by what happens in workplaces and the dysfunction and stress that often results, he developed his passion for understanding and transforming workplace cultures especially through building leadership capability.

Following his service in the Navy and a short stint with EY’s change management consultancy division in the late 90’s, Tony has spent the past 20 years consulting to organisations of all shapes and sizes and industries, including Government.

Rachel Clements is the co-founder and Director of Psychological Services and Principal Organisational Psychologist at the Centre for Corporate Health

For over 25 years Rachel has focused on building individual and organisational resilience, and minimising risk of workplace mental health.  She has worked across a range of industries and has carved a niche especially in professional services organisations such as law firms, banking, finance as well as government (at all levels).

Rachel is often the go-to subject matter expert when it comes to workplace mental health and is a regular keynote presenter at national and international conferences. Rachel is frequently consulted by media organisations from around the world and is regular contributor to the Huffington Post

Discussed in this episode:

  • Characteristics of a mental health conscious organisation
  • The biggest predictor of workplace wellbeing
  • The impacts of isolation
  • Preparing for the ‘new normal’
  • Why Australia leads the way in workplace wellbeing
  • Why ‘givers’ do better than ‘takers’ during a crisis
  • Tony and Rachel’s advice for staying mentally well