Ep #17: Using Empathy and Storytelling to Connect with your Audience – with Robert Rose PT. 2


This week we are excited to release Part 2 of our interview with Robert Rose, a leader in the content marketing space. As well as leading a consultancy firm of his own, most recently Robert Rose was the host of Content Marketing World.

Continuing from Part 1, in this episode Robert shares with us the creation of strategic content, focusing on the implementation of empathy and storytelling to capture your audience’s attention. Alarmingly, the tools and solutions Robert provides are a lot simpler than you may think!

If you missed Part 1 make sure to find it wherever you listen to podcasts.

Discussed in Part 2:

  • Putting your content strategy to use, effectively
  • Creating goals and actually reaching them
  • The power of stepping away from technology
  • Finding empathy and following it through
  • Discovering unique ways to reach your audience – read our blog on the same topic
  • Learning what your audience wants and delivering it

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