Ep. #16: Creating a content strategy to impress your boss, with Robert Rose Pt. 1

Content strategy


This week we are excited to share with you Part 1 of our interview with Robert Rose, a founder and guru in the content marketing space. Through the release of his book ‘Managing Content Marketing’, co-written with Joe Pulizzi, the concept of strategic media came to be.

In this episode, Robert shares insights into how the world of content marketing is changing, the tools for us as communicators to stay ahead and the growing role of content in organisations.

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Discussed in Part 1:

  • Driving emotion and empathy to break through the noise
  • Creating scalable content
  • Creating an evidence-based case for a content strategy
  • The tools to build and evaluate your content strategy
  • Distributing content in a timely manner
  • “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”


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