EP #30 Workplace health and safety: a common sense approach with Sandra Parker PSM and Sue Weston PSM

With each state and territory having such different pandemic experiences, how do you support businesses to keep operating?

We hear from two of Australia’s key workplace regulatory authorities in this week’s edition of Work With Purpose.

We are joined by Sandra Parker PSM, Fair Work Ombudsman, and Sue Weston PSM, the CEO of Comcare, which is Australia’s national work, health, and safety, and workers’ compensation authority.

They explain how the government is taking a common sense approach to legislation, and is adjusting compliance and enforcement policies to see jobs kept and employees protected.

They also speak candidly about how to best support service delivery teams, as personnel are faced with rapidly changing policy, distraught customers, and uncertainty in their own personal lives.

Finally, as concerns about the mental health impacts of COVID-19 mount, they speak to help programs already underway across the country to support workers.

Discover the hard work underway behind the scenes to ensure Australia keeps working safely.

Discussed in this episode:

–         Adjusting compliance and enforcement policies to respond to the challenges of COVID-19

–         Building awareness of mental health issues in the workplace, and resourcing help programs to support Australians’ resilience

–         The lasting impact of COVID-19 on wellbeing and occupational health and safety policies

–         Sustaining staff wellbeing through open communication and leadership.