EP#29 – National service, individual purpose with Liz Cosson AM CSC

Whether it’s managing supply chains for troops in East Timor, or guiding an Australian Government department through the COVID-19 crisis, shared purpose and mission are critical.

It is this shared sense of purpose and mission that enables teams to achieve extraordinary outcomes for the people they serve.

How do you tap into this shared purpose when staff are distributed across working arrangements and the Australian Public Service as a whole?

The first female Major General of the Australian Army, and now Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Liz Cosson AM CSC has devoted her career to serving the nation and its people.

Liz Cosson shares her insights in conversation with David Pembroke, CEO of contentgroup on this week’s episode of Work with Purpose.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The importance of applying flexibility to staff working arrangements
  • Using communications to engage and align staff around shared workplace missions
  • Maintaining cultural change through 2020 and beyond
  • Transforming service delivery to better serve the veteran community
  • Crossing the divide between Defence and DVA.