EP#3: The New Normal – with Elizabeth Kelly PSM

EP#3: The New Normal – with Elizabeth Kelly PSM

As we settle in to a new way of  living, many are asking what is the “new normal”. 

In our third episode of Work with Purpose, David Pembroke sits down via Zoom with the Deputy Secretary at the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Elizabeth Kelly PSM.

Elizabeth is a lawyer turned bureaucrat who during her legal career worked on tasks as diverse as prosecuting serious Fraud cases in Fiji to fighting corruption in the NSW Building industry.

She has been diverted from her day job as Deputy Secretary at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Elizabeth is responsible for innovation, digital strategy and industry support programmes to manage the a collective of 4 taskforces who are managing the national medical stockpile in support of the Department of Health.

During a long and distinguished career of public service Elizabeth has served as a Director of policy in both the ACT and Northern Territory governments, and as a Deputy Secretary in the Attorney General’s department and in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet where she was responsible for machine of government, cabinet, legal policy and governance issues across the public service and the co-ordination of support to the Prime Minister.

In this podcast Elizabeth speaks of her role has being the head of four COVID-19 task forces, creative solutions for sourcing medical stockpile, returning to the “next normal”, and more.

Discussed in this episode:

  Logistical support to the Department of Health

  Sourcing medical equipment whilst supporting domestic factories

  Introducing the Australian Army as a creative solution for stockpile sourcing

  Respective and conductive relationships

  What role the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science will play in restoring economic recovery

  Diversifying supply chains

  Future scenario planning

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