EP#21: Parliament Powers On – with the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Department of Parliamentary Services

Federal Parliament staff including security and hospitality workers joined the Services Australia response to the Covid-19 pandemic as committee rooms in the Parliament building were converted to makeshift call centres.


In this week’s episode of Work with Purpose we speak with Secretary of Department of Parliamentary Service, Rob Stefanic and his deputy, Cate Saunders about how their team rallied around APS whole of government effort to help the Australian people.


As the heart of the Australian democracy, Parliament is a critically important institution.


But as a “city within a city’’, the Federal Parliament building is also normally a thriving tourist destination attracting thousands of visitors from across Australia and around the world each day.


Discussed in this episode:

  • What questions are being asked within the ‘Wall Room’
  • The Parliament’s Pandemic Plan
  • Ensuring the continuity of Parliamentary services
  • IPAA Future Leader questions