EP#18: Future Leaders – the APS in 2021 and beyond – with Katherine Jones PSM

Innovation does not stand still on ‘’Work with Purpose’’.


This week we feature a conversation with IPAA Future Leaders who undertook a hackathon to explore the question “What could, or should the APS look like one year from now?”


The IPAA future leaders, as you have seen from the important contribution they have made to Work with Purpose, are the best and brightest in the APS. We would encourage anyone interested in making bigger contribution to the APS to get in touch with IPAA about how to become a future leader.


Today’s episode is hosted by the Assistant Commissioner of the Australian Electoral Commission, Matt McMahon who leads a discussion with Director of the Department of Finance, Holly Noble, Associate Director of KPMG, Rachel Martin, and our first returning guest in her new role as Associate Secretary of the Department of Defence, Katherine Jones PSM.


Discussed in this episode:


  • Identifying the need for change and reform
  • Interdepartmental governance reflections
  • The first steps to taking an active role to shape and become a collaborative leader
  • Maintaining resilience in a digital work environment
  • Delivering old skills in a new digital world
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