147: Tourism Australia gets creative at Super Bowl LII, with Lisa Ronson

Lisa Ronson is the Chief Marketing Officer at Tourism Australia. With extensive history in marketing, Lisa brought a unique approach to her position after working alongside national and international brands. This includes Carlton & United Breweries, Visa, David Jones and Westpac.

At the start of the year, Tourism Australia disguised a movie trailer for a Crocodile Dundeereboot as the launch for the next tourism campaign. Aiming to target high-end consumers in the USA, Lisa takes us behind the scenes of getting the $36m project off the ground and what the future holds for Brian Dundee.

Discussed in this episode:

  • National branding and marketing Australia
  • Value behind building personas
  • Tracking audiences and putting them at the heart of planning
  • Tourism Australia shifting focus from southeast Asia consumers to US
  • The results of the campaign – 250,000 mentions on social media, and more
  • What happens next to Brian Dundee

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