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#70 Assistant Secretary Kim Ulrick on finding content gems

Kim Ulrick is the Assistant Secretary of Digital Communications for the Department of Communications and the Arts. She has extensive experience in the public sector. Kim Ulrick was the Assistant Secretary of Border and Counter Terrorism Policy at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, National Manager of Strategy Policy and Stakeholder Engagement at the Australian Crime Commission, Assistant Secretary of Marketing and Communication for the Department of Human Services, and many other roles. Kim uses content marketing techniques in her communication strategies.

“You can’t just push something out there and say ‘tell us what you think’ and then don’t tell them what happens with it.” -Kim Ulrick
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In this episode, you’ll learn:
4:09 How Malcom Turnbull is leading the Case for Content
16:56 Why the Department of Communications and the Arts developed a digital strategy
18:01 Case study finding the ‘content gems’ from of the 000 report
22:11 Case study of communicating the Regional Telecommunications Independent Review
25:07 The Department of Communications and the Art’s operational guide to social media
26:20 How the Department of Communications and the Arts builds digital literacy
28:17 How the Australian Broadcasting Corporation used reverse mentoring to build digital literacy

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