EP#80 – The path to efficacy: record keeping – with Jen Snyder

Our guest today has a mission to use her communications expertise to help bring state, county, and city government agencies together, learn from one another and expedite positive change.

Today on GovComms, contentgroup CEO, David Pembroke, is joined by chief evangelist at GovQA, Jen Snyder to discuss how trends in business and consumer worlds can apply to the government space.

GovQA is the leader in enterprise workflow automation for government requests, mainly focused on Public Records (FOIA).

Jen is interested in meaningful conversations that look both at the big picture, as well as dig deep into nitty-gritty best-practice working sessions on all government challenges and opportunities including those related to technology, transparency, security, procurement, legislative mandates, compliance, staffing challenges, and more.

Not only has she spent 15 years in the Government realm, she also spent ten years managing local and international business development initiatives for b2b companies.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How technology is advancing record management
  • The value of change management
  • Adapting to the COVID-19 new normal
  • The trends that support effective government