EP#78: Moving fast in the media landscape – with Ian Czenz

Our guest today understands the media landscape like the back of his hand.


Today on GovComms, contentgroup CEO David Pembroke and Chief Strategy Officer at OMD, Ian Czenz discuss how the media landscape has evolved over the past 20 years.


With plenty of enthusiasm, Ian and his team work with clients to deliver creative and innovative content.


His goal is to create good content that entertains, and important delivers results for his clients.


From starting his career as a media buyer at J. Walter Thompson and working on big blue-chip clients then moving into the media strategy, Ian has covered lots of ground in the industry.


In this episode of the podcast, they examine how speed continues to characterise the digital media landscape.


From diversifying a media strategy, to working quickly within an agency, Ian is making sure narratives come first – at scale and at speed.


Discussed in this episode:

  • Reflecting on change in the media landscape
  • Embracing creativity in media
  • What is does a media strategy look like?
  • The evolution of measuring campaign success
  • The future of print, radio and television