EP#107: How to explain communications – with Merrin Fabre

On this episode of the GovComms Podcast, contentgroup CEO David Pembroke speaks to strategic communication adviser, change manager and project manager Merrin Fabre.

Merrin is currently leading the corporate communications team at the Victorian department of Families, Fairness and Housing. When not doing this, she is working with the IABC Victoria where she is currently their president.

In this conversation David and Merrin discuss alignment and what you can do as a communicator to help others within an organisation get on ‘the same page’. What skills do you need in order to do this? How do you decide on the overarching view of where your organisation is going?

Merrin also draws on her previous experience from working at the CSRIO and how she helped leaders, scientists and engineers within the organisation understand the importance of communication.

Following on from this, Merrin explains that a communicators approach is not always the correct approach. That is why, when it comes to deciding on how to run your organisations communications, you must compromise your thinking and work with others from various sectors within your organisation to decide on the best approach that fits all.

In this episode, Merrin also discusses how to utilise company values to drive culture and to drive change. How do you help leaders understand the importance of values in their decision making?

David and Merrin finish off their conversation looking at how the pandemic has affected government staff in Victoria. How have they built resilience and continued to move forward?

Discussed in this episode:

  • How to align those within your organisation.
  • The importance of collaboration in creating a ‘best fits’ communications approach.
  • Why values are essential to driving change within your organisation.