EP#106: The Essential Tool: Social Media – with Francesco Di Costanzo

On this episode of the GovComms Podcast, contentgroup CEO David Pembroke speaks to the President of PA Social, Italy’s National Association for ‘new communication’, Francesco Di Costanzo.

Joining us from Florence, Italy, Francesco is an expert in government communications, having over 16 years’ experience in the sector, as well as authoring many books discussing ‘new communication’ within the Italian government.

In this conversation Francesco discusses how government communicators in Italy have adapted and changed their roles to help quickly and effectively communicate emergency information during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Francesco discusses the tools that these communicators have utilized to do this, as well as how they have worked with different social media channels to help relay information from the government to the citizens.

Following on from this, Francesco draws on his experience and insights to share some of his top tips for social media managers who work within government departments around the world and how it is vital now more than ever that we know how to use social media to our advantage.

In the episode, Francesco also discusses the work that he and the team at PA Social do and how them and their members work together to help improve digital communications for government.

David and Francesco finish off their conversation looking into the future, reflecting on where they see PA Social going in the next few years.

To get in contact with Francesco and the team at PA Social, visit their website or alternatively connect with Francesco on LinkedIn.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How COVID-19 shaped and changed government communications in Italy.
  • Why Social Media is an essential tool to government in 2021.
  • What is PA Social and what role do they play in Italian government communications.