Ep #23: Using Storytelling to Communicate Effectively – with Shawn Callahan

Shawn Callahan is the founder of Anecdote and one of the world’s leading business storytelling teachers and advisors.

He started his career in technology with companies including Oracle and IBM, before he founded Anecdote in 2004. Anecdote helps leaders and sellers be better oral storytellers and assists corporations deliver on their strategies using stories.

Most recently Shawn published his book PUTTING STORIES TO WORK. At its heart, this book provides a process for becoming a good business storyteller.

Discussed in this episode:

    • Why storytelling is an effective communication approach
    • What makes a good story
    • Three focus areas for organisations to use storytelling
    • How you can become better at telling stories in an organisational setting
    • How to decide what information you should put in a story
    • Why you should never use the word story
    • How to measure the impact of the value of storytelling in your organisation