Ep #12: Using Gen Z to Drive Innovation in all Sectors – with Claire Madden

While today they might just be at school or mastering streaks on Snapchat, one day Gen Z, the youth of today, will be the leaders of tomorrow. And unlike the generations before them, 70% of these future professions and career paths don’t even exist yet.

But what’s more shocking is they’re more than prepared for such an occurrence and ready to face this task as it comes. While there is uncertainty in what this change will bring, they already know what change looks like and how to navigate it.

This week we’re joined by Claire Madden, author of Hello Gen Z and social researcher on generational engagement. Claire explores with David the technological cultural shift and what we as communicators can learn from these leaders of tomorrow though still young today.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Generational change and how Gen Z broke the mould
  • The material and technological impact on Gen Z
  • What technology has done to how people learn, research and communicate
  • Ways government and the public sector can utilise the skills and abilities of Gen Z
  • Gen Z are born knowing the rules of social media engagement
  • Advice to effectively communicate and talk with Gen Z

“Your content is in a hyper competitive world, you have to make sure that that content is relevant to that audience, and is delivered to them in the channel that they prefer, at the time that they want it, in the format that they want it. Now, it’s a big challenge and it’s a big change and it’s why this capability needs to be built over time, but that’s where government has to get to.

Government has to become better at telling their stories so they can start to rebuild the trust deficit that there is in democratically elected institutions around the world.” – David Pembroke, Founder and CEO of contentgroup

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