What Taylor Swift can teach you about attracting attention

Taylor Swift is braining it. Sold out shows all over the world, a huge opening weekend for her movie, chart topping music, and an NFL sweetheart. She has it all and has achieved it through a mastery of confidence, courage, and connection.

1. Build connection

Taylor Swift is not just a musician; she is a brand built on trust and connection. Every decision, every word and every action deepens engagement with her fans. From personal social media to heartfelt lyrics, Swift dwells in the hearts of her people where they feel her presence. This deliberate strategy makes her more of a friend and confidante than celebrity. 

2. Relevance resonates

Swift is a brilliant storyteller. She taps universal emotions and experiences, creating accessible and relatable music and lyrics. She is the soundtrack of her fans’ lives, riding alongside them each day as they endure and celebrate all that is good and bad in the world.    

3. Underestimate trust at your peril

Her reputation is built on trust. Taylor Swift is bold and brave. Canny and courageous. Her fans celebrate her resilience and consistency. Whether it is calling out the bad behaviour of past boyfriends or sticking it to the man in business, she always has her eyes open, her pen ready and her dooks up. The crowds cheer as she slays the next dragon standing between her and what is fair and right. 

4. Be curious

Swift’s brand is layered with mystery and curiosity. From cryptic album announcements to Easter eggs in her music videos, she keeps people guessing. She makes life fun, keeping people curious about what is next.  This curiosity drives traffic, discussions, and engagement across platforms, highlighting the power of mystery. 

5. Go direct

Why pay for a go-between when you can do it yourself. The release of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour film direct through the AMC chain in the USA proved once again that she is a formidable businessperson. She controlled the project from start to finish. She controlled every word and every frame and made sure that no one was getting in the way of the story she wanted to tell or the dollars she was looking to bank. 

6. Be authentic

The easiest thing in the world is to be yourself. Everyone else is taken. Taylor Swift knows who she is and what she stands for. She reaches into that authenticity every day and laps her competition. Never looking right or left, she is always looking straight ahead. Eye on the prize, sure of foot and brave enough to trust her instincts and trusted advisors (her dad). 

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