EP#40: Strategic Thinking in a Crisis

This year has seen Australia face many crises including flood, mice plagues and of course the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And this is off the back of a crisis filled 2020. So we’ve really witnessed an accumulative impact. It’s really timely today for us just to take this time in this episode, to really explore how, as public servants or former public servants, how we can really draw from our own reserves and our own experiences and create that sense of certainty for our future.

In this episode of Work with Purpose, we are joined by the President of IPAA National, Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM, as he chats with Assistant Secretary of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, Rachel O’Connor as they discuss strategic thinking in a crisis.

Brouwer and O’Connor begin this episode by sharing some of their own personal experiences during recent times of crises. How have they built resilience? What skills did they draw on as public servants?

The pair also discuss how they connect with the public during difficult times. How do they build relationships with them? How do they ensure that there is trust in the public service?

The episode finishes with Rachel and Gordon sharing their main lessons which they have learnt about strategic thinking during times of crisis. How do you think when under pressure? How can we use the skills we have learnt during a crisis in future endeavours?

Discussed in this episode:

  • The elements of strategic thinking
  • How to build resilience after a crisis
  • Gaining trust of the public during critical times
  • How we can use the skills we have learnt in a crisis in everyday life