EP#39: A Look into the Future: The APS Workforce Strategy 2025

The OECD says that the context and challenges of the public sector are changing at such a rapid pace that the capabilities of public servants must keep up. It’s a first-order issue as organisations seek to understand just what are the skills, the knowledge, the behaviour, and the attitude that they will need in their people to successfully compete and operate in a digitally-enabled data-led mobile world. The APS, being the diligent enterprise that it is, has been thinking and planning about this for the past few years has now created a document to address this very issue.

In this episode of Work with Purpose, we are joined Mary Wiley-Smith, former Assistant Commissioner at the Australian Public Service Commission and Clare Walsh, Deputy Secretary of Business Enabling Services at the Department of Finance.

Wiley-Smith and Walsh spend this episode mainly discussing the newly released APS Workforce Strategy for 2025. How should those in the APS utilise this strategy? How will it assist in attracting others to join the APS?

The pair also discuss where the strategy will lead the APS digitally. What will the APS see in the future in terms of ICT? Will there be more staff from the ‘digital world’ joining the APS in the next few years?

The episode finishes with the ladies chatting about leadership. Why is leadership so important in any organisation? What does leadership mean across the public service?

Discussed in this episode:

  • The APS Workforce Strategy for 2025
  • What all those across the APS can learn from the workforce strategy
  • The rise of digital in the future of the APS
  • Why leadership is so important across all sectors of work.