EP#41: Putting a stop to international fraud

COVID-19 has created boom time for criminals who seek to deceive for financial and personal gain. These scammers and fraudsters, who’ve been out in force leveraging the insecurities created by COVID-19 and the power of digital technology, have launched millions of websites, email, investment employee, supply chain, and charity scams. The global reach of this digital criminal activity has brought governments, businesses, academia, and the third sector to from across the globe together to counter these criminal activities.

This episode brings unique insight and approaches to international perspectives on counter fraud, with a focus on UK, New Zealand and Australia. Guest include Julie Read, Director and Chief Executive at the Serious Fraud Office in New Zealand, Mark Cheeseman OBE, Director of the UK Government Counter Fraud Function, and Andrew Walter, First Assistant Secretary at the Integrity and Security Division at the Attorney General’s Department.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Capabilities governments are building and collaborating on to counter fraud and scams.
  • What Australia is learning from the experiences of other nations.
  • The true cost of fraud to the public sector.
  • How COVID-19 has changed the profile of fraud.
  • New approaches governments are taking to seek out fraud.