EP#11: The Dynamic duo – with Doctor Brendan Murphy and Caroline Edwards

He loves Italy, her mother was born in Spain. He is learning to sing, she grew up with a father who was totally blind.

In this remarkable interview, Work with Purpose speaks to the people and the partnership that subdued the Covid 19 health crisis in Australia.


Doctor Brendan Murphy recounts the heartache of closing Australia’s borders and many businesses. Caroline Edwards tells of the late-night WhatsApp conversations with her family in Spain as the virus tore through that European country up ending their way of life.

In this powerful and personal episode of Work with Purpose, you are left reassured that Australia’s “Team Health’, a team of thousands of hard working, intelligent public servants pulled together to get it done when it mattered most.

Please enjoy.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Dr Murphy’s love for languages
  • When the Chief medical officer first heard of Coronavirus
  • The COVID-19 protection processes
  • Suspending “normal” department rules and processes
  • Principal based decision making
  • Dr Brendan Murphy dealing with newfound fame
  • Partnerships between government departments to support Australians
  • Leading the reform