#87 Ian Cleary on the true value of content

#87 Ian Cleary on the true value of content

Ian Cleary talks about how to start a content marketing process that works, and the true value of quality content. Ian is the founder of RazorSocial, providing training and tools for marketing businesses online. He met up with David Pembroke at Content Marketing World to record this podcast.

In this episode Ian and David discuss:

  • the gap in knowledge about content marketing
  • education and training in social media and marketing tools
  • consistency of content vs quality of content
  • how does content marketing work in government?
  • starting the journey
  • the steps of content marketing – the PRISM model: People, Relationships, Inbound traffic, Subscribers, Monetisation
  • government and public sector don’t need monetisation, they need conversion to action
  • how to manage the risk
  • online tools for content marketing
  • evergreen content
  • what measurement data do you need?
  • what skills are needed to ensure effective content marketing?
  • storytelling
  • share the best content
  • building relationships with influencers
  • building your online community
  • starting with a pilot project

Listen to the podcast:

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Ian Cleary on consistency vs quality in content marketing:

“I say to people, ‘Never produce a poor quality piece of content.’ Consistency is absolutely important, but I prefer to break consistency rather than deliver something poor quality. The first article that somebody reads on your website, that determines whether they’re going to take the next step and read another article, or content or anything. If that’s a poor quality article, that’s it. You’re relationship’s gone.

When you even think from a Google perspective, how are you going to rank for a piece of content in Google? The only way you’ve got a chance is if it’s the best piece of content for that particular keyword term, or that particular topic. You really going to have to do a lot of extra work to make sure that’s a super high quality content.”

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