Martin Schipany

#53 Why all government departments should discover their citizen’s journey with Martin Schipany

In episode #53, David interviews Martin Schipany, Head of ‘City Communications’ for the City of Vienna’s Press and Information Services. Martin started working for the City of Vienna as a Press Officer before becoming an Editor in the Press and Information Services, eventually to rise to the Head of the sub-department ‘City Communications.’ Martin has also been the Head Press Officer for a political party in the Vienna State Parliament. Martin recently completed his Executive Masters in International Media Innovation Management. Martin’s thesis was on the necessary criteria, instruments and processes to implement a municipality’s content marketing strategy.

In this episode you will learn:
9:01 How do you get the attention of the political media officers to tell them that there is more to life than speaking to the media?
10:00 Why all government departments should discover their citizen’s journey
13:32 Where Europe is in their adoption of content marketing
15:53 Recommendations on how the City of Vienna can improve their content marketing strategy (you can apply these too to your government department)
21:33 Why the communications team should be close to the leadership
27:47 How do you convince government to adopt digital?

If you are interested in reading Martin’s Master thesis on content marketing for municipalities (with the City of Vienna taken as a case study), email

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