133: Lola Berry on Loyalty and Communication

Starting her career on Myspace, Lola Berry built an audience alongside a growing, though niche, market focusing on nutrition and health products. Though today these can be considered as a standard for most social platforms, for Lola it was quite the opposite and early days for healthy blogging.

Through consistency and perseverance, she was able to build her empire by mastering YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as finding time to have a successful writing career. Her ability to adapt as platforms changed built her audience and through her belief of honesty to her fans, they remain to watch her journey.

There’s a lot we can learn from Lola, who can be labelled as one of the first Australian influencers. Whether you are creating a social profile for personal growth or for work, Lola provides valuable insights into how she built her empire, and how you can too.

In this podcast

  • The how and why being honest on your platforms promotes growth and builds relationships with your audience/ Why honesty is the key ingredient
  • The importance of transparency in your social media campaigns and that builds towards organic growth/Authenticity + transparency = organic growth
  • Why you should bring a unique approach to the field to stand-out against competition/ Dare to be different, it’s the only way to stand out
  • Reasons to consider Instagram as part of your communication strategy
  • How Lola continues to have high physical book sales in the digital age
  • The double life of an influencer – separating work and play

What is content communication? It is a strategic, measurable, and accountable business process that relies on the creation, curation, and distribution of useful, relevant, and consistent content. The purpose is to engage and inform a specific audience in order to achieve a desired citizen and/or stakeholder action. That is the practice and the process of content communication.

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