131: What the West can learn from Eastern communications, with Prof. Anne Gregory

Recorded during David’s time at the ASEAN PR Summit in Bali, this week’s InTransition podcast considers the importance of bridging the gap between Eastern and Western communications. Embracing the eastern approach of listening and understanding, the potential for collaboration and economic growth among the East and West increases.

Combining cultural and philosophical differences leads to strengthening ties between nations and creating the opportunity for growth throughout the southeast Asian region.

Talking to conference speaker Anne Gregory, professor of Corporate Communication at the University of Huddersfield, we gain key insights from the conference, as well as discussing the future of communications in government.

In this podcast:

  • Bridging the divide between East and West
  • Listening -> Understanding -> Speaking -> Dialogue
  • The future of communications is in technology, and the future of technology is in these youthful nations
  • The growing quality of communications in the ASEAN region and some of the challenges faced by the local populations
  • Problems facing public relations and communications skills development in the region
  • The importance of being able to have a “helicopter view”, seeing everything at once

What is content communication? It is a strategic, measurable, and accountable business process that relies on the creation, curation, and distribution of useful, relevant, and consistent content. The purpose is to engage and inform a specific audience in order to achieve a desired citizen and/or stakeholder action. That is the practice and the process of content communication.

Read David’s blog post about the future of business relations between Australia and the ASEAN nations here.

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