151: The role of video in government marketing, w/ Shootsta CEO Mike Pritchett

On the podcast this week we talk to Mike Pritchett, CEO and founder of Shootsta, a video production company in Sydney. Shootsta’s unique video production subscription model provides the tools and resources to empower brands to create high-quality video content, cost-effectively, at scale – ready to share within 24 hours.

Understanding the importance of delivering consistent and timely content, Mike shares with David the value of video production in 2018 and the power it has to connect brands with their audience.

With humble beginnings in Sydney, Shootsta is rapidly taking over the world with a presence in Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. It’s no secret anymore that video is the future of marketing and Shootsta has made the once expensive video production model and made it more accessible for brands around the world. Learn more!

Discussed in this episode:

  • What is Shootsta and how they’re helping brands to communicate through video.
  • The future of video production
  • The role of video to connect brands with their audience
  • While attention spans get smaller, video can only become more influential
  • Reasons to consider introducing video production to your media/publishing team

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