EP#32: Improving Measurement in Government – with Mark Hocknell

Mark Hocknell is a performance measurement expert with over 25 years of experience in corporate management, consulting and academia. He has completed his Masters degree in Business Administration at the Queensland University of Technology and has developed two business courses which he has now been teaching for 8 years. Beyond Mark’s experience teaching and consulting, he is also a member of the Industry Advisory Board at Griffith University.

Mark has an established skill-set relating to performance measurement processes and evidence-based leadership. In 2015, Mark was appointed the Australasian partner for PuMP, a performance measurement process employed globally by over 40 organisations. Mark consistently runs workshops and speaks publicly about the importance of evidence-based approaches to outcome measurement. He will be in several cities throughout May, hosting workshops on how communicators can better measure outcome-based approaches in government.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The essential steps required for measuring an outcome
  • Learning to define a vague concept or objective
  • An introduction to the PuMP methodology
  • Focusing on improvements over outcomes and setting measurable targets
  • The 8 steps of PuMP
  • Why what is observable is measurable
  • The challenges of adopting any new methodology
  • Where to learn more about PuMP and upcoming workshops