EP#67: Get the Lawyers involved Early – with Shaun Creighton

Content communication can come with a minefield of legal issues. How do you identify legal issues? Who owns the content you are distributing? What happens when there is an intellectual property claim?

This week go back to 2015 when contentgroup Founder and CEO, David Pembroke, sat down with leading commercial lawyer, Shaun Creighton, to discuss the copyright implications of creating and curating content.

Shaun Creighton has specialist expertise in the identification, protection, and commercialisation of intellectual property rights. He has expertise and experience negotiating significant technology, broadcasting, and general commercial agreements. Previously, he has provided in-house Legal Counsel for the Australian Sports Commission and Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Corporation.

As a dual Olympian, Shaun has an extensive network in the sports and events industries. As part of ARETE Group’s thriving sports law practice group, he represents professional athletes, national sporting organisations, media outlets and event organisers on matters ranging from drafting sponsorship and merchandising agreements to broadcasting rights disputes, copyright advice, trade mark registration services, selection appeals, privacy, governance advice and Competition and Consumer Act issues.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Intellectual Property Law – what is it?
  • Why we need contracts – indemnity and liability
  • How content marketing fits in with law
  • The legal questions that arise when distributing content
  • Resolving issues by identifying them upfront
  • The potential risks of using social media channels