Ep#42: Communicating federal budgets and managing unexpected challenges, with Shannon Kenna

Ep#42: Communicating federal budgets and managing unexpected challenges, with Shannon Kenna

Shannon Kenna is an experienced communications professional, specialising in strategic communications for the public sector. She joined the Treasury in 2015 to manage a major government advertising campaign and has since managed the delivery of five federal budgets.

As Division Head of Communications and Parliamentary, she manages a broad program of work, including oversight of a full suite of communication functions. These include media relations, social media, stakeholder engagement, corporate communications, speechwriting, graphic design, publications and web management. Shannon is also responsible for all ministerial and parliamentary business for Treasury.

Since beginning her public sector career at the Department of Immigration in 1994, Shannon’s career has included diverse roles in communication and program management. Shannon has also worked in the private sector in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Shannon holds a Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) degree, majoring in Management, from the University of Canberra.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Using internal face-to-face discussions to approach key message building
  • The Intergenerational Report, featuring Dr Karl
  • Factoring risk into campaigns and handling unexpected setbacks
  • How technology is impacting the demand for tailored content
  • The duties, timelines and challenges of communicating a federal budget (five times)
  • The efficacy of a whole-of-government communications approach

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