EP#30: Social Problems & Digital Solutions – with Jenny Riley

Jenny Riley is an experienced producer of data management systems and data dashboard solutions for social change. Her skills relate to co-design, delivery and evaluation of collaborations, working with complex and wicked social problems. These include poverty, homelessness, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and development, school to work transitions and school readiness in vulnerable communities.

Jenny has over 20 years’ experience in the social sector and has previously worked for leading NGO’s such as Oxfam and Plan International. She currently works as a Digital Transformation Lead at Clear Horizon, and is a Non Executive Director at Eating Disorders Victoria. She is trained in a range of reporting and communication formats to engage and mobilise communities and stakeholders. She is also a sought-after facilitator and trainer working to improve knowledge and skills in the areas of design and evaluation, especially in cross-sector collaborations.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The importance of simplicity in communication
  • Preparing an evaluation checklist
  • The qualities of a good evaluator
  • The shifting focus from output to outcomes
  • The impact of technology on change measurement
  • Making data work for us (and not vice versa)
  • Developing a toolkit for social change
  • Avoiding data overwhelm
  • Resources for those who want to learn more