Ep#29: Government to Client – Measuring the Effectiveness of Experiences – with Jo’Anne Langham

Jo’Anne Langham is an experienced independent consultant with a strong background working in public policy. Her capabilities include human-centred design, statistical data analysis, and public administration. Jo’Anne holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused on economic psychology – tax compliance at the University of Queensland.

She formerly worked as a Senior Director of Corporate Research and Intelligence at the Australian Taxation Office where she created a professional social research capability. She has also acted as a Governance Review Lead responsible for managing stakeholder relationships and the design of new operating models.

Jo’Anne’s latest Ph.D. work has investigated citizen experience measurement from a public sector perspective. Her framework titled ‘XE Heuristics’ looks at measuring the effectiveness of client and citizen focussed design.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The origins of citizen focused experience design
  • Government adoption of a citizen-focussed approach
  • The importance of measuring and modifying design
  • Developing metrics for client experiences
  • An introduction to Jo’Anne’s experience measurement framework
  • Creating customer journey maps
  • Using the framework to improve public sector outcomes

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