EP#112: Trust in Communications and Journalism – with Brigid Glanville

On this episode of the GovComms Podcast, contentgroup founder and CEO, David Pembroke, speaks to Brigid Glanville, Deputy chief of staff at NSW Government for the office of Hon Bronnie Taylor.

Skilled in Crisis communications and Government relations, and close to over 20 years of experience within the communications industry, Brigid, prior to working in government worked for the ABC reporting on government, business and politics.

In this conversation, David and Brigid discuss her shift from reporting on politics to now working in government. Brigid talks about how although she loved her role at ABC, she wanted to develop her knowledge within the world of politics and make policies.

She discusses how skills learnt from her career as a journalist have transferred to her role as chief of staff; such as taking complex content and breaking it down into plain English for the general public to understand, to thinking critically and fast in government.

David and Brigid discuss how our perceptions of government are often incorrect. Such as time frames for passing policies as well as how many layers are involved in doing so. She explains for some, the transition of going from a solo journalist to working in a team environment may be tricky.

To end, Brigid explains that one of the greatest benefits of going from journalism to government is the understanding of consistent and appropriate messaging in times of crisis.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The importance of trust in communications.
  • How the skills of journalism can be applied to the world of politics
  • Why it is so important to challenge and push yourself out of your comfort zone.