Tips for better smart phone videos

Webcams are great for videoconferences, but if you want to make a presentation or livestream from your desk look better, you can use your phone. Today’s smart phones have much better cameras than the average laptop, but there are a few things to remember for best results:

  1. Mount the phone on a desktop tripod, at the same level as your eyes. No one wants to look up at your ceiling.
  2. Mount the phone horizontally (or landscape). Although you could live stream to Facebook with a vertical video, landscape lets you repurpose your video for other platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.
  3. Make sure your face is lit evenly. Avoid large windows or bright lights in the background, and use a desk lamp to balance the contrast on your face.
  4. Use an external microphone, close to your mouth. This will reduce the effect of room echoes and distracting noises.
  5. If it’s a live stream, you’re good to go. If you are recording a video to send to someone, upload the file in the best quality you can, using a cloud file sharing service. Good quality video files are too big for email.

We’ve made a handy instruction card, ready for your video emergencies. You could even laminate it and stick it to the fridge. Click the link to download, with our compliments!

Download here.

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