Public Sector Unearthed – EP#9: The latest buzz: Innovative European wasp control with Daniel Patterson

Daniel Patterson has always been keen to do good for Canberra’s communities – and their backyards. On this episode of Public Sector Unearthed, the horticulture expert and passionate public servant tells us the story of Canberra’s innovative European Wasp program.

Daniel shares how his team manages European wasps in the ACT, by focusing on eco-friendly, preventative measures. He talks us through how the program evolved through using new luring techniques and focusing on preventative, rather than reactive, approaches for trapping queen wasps to reduce the wasp population.

The program became a standout initiative in public safety and environmental management, earning the 2023 IPAA ACT Spirit of Service Awards in the ‘Breakthrough’ category.

This episode’s Unearthed wisdom: Pest control is crucial to keeping local species and communities safe and thriving.


Daniel Patterson

Daniel Patterson is the invasive plant and invertebrate pest officer for Transport Canberra & City Services (TCCS) in the ACT Government. Daniel’s career in the ACT Public Service spans over 20 years starting in 2002 as a Horticulture Apprentice. He has since expanded his expertise in the weed control, pest control, and biosecurity fields with a strong focus on improving community services in the ACT’s urban areas. Daniel is leading the European Wasp Control Program, an award-winning initiative aimed at combating the invasive species across Canberra. His team’s work, recognised by the 2023 Spirit of Service award, showcases his commitment to eco-friendly pest management and community safety.