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#51 Why Government comms should act more like a business, says Sean Larkins

In episode #51 of In Transition, we talk to Sean Larkins,the Director of Consulting & Capability for the Government and Public Sector Practice of the world’s largest communications services group, WPP. Sean was previously the Deputy Director of the UK Government Communications. Sean led the reorganisation of the UK Government’s communications to build a centralised strategy. Sean set up and ran the UK Communications Service. Sean was responsible for almost 4,000 government communicators.

“We need to run government communications less as a kind of free-for-all and more as a kind of business.” -Sean Larkins
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In this episode, you’ll learn:

5:37 How to discover your government communication priorities
6:34 Why government communications should be run more like a business
10:58 How do you change the government’s tendency for risk aversion?
19:07 What are the small, simple steps to move from traditional marketing to content marketing?
25:31 What skills do government communicators need to become more effective?
28:55 How do you make communicators the most prestigious civil servants in government?

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