116: Paul X. McCarthy on the gravity of online

116: Paul X. McCarthy on the gravity of online

In this episode of InTransition, David speaks with Paul X. McCarthy, author of the book Online Gravity. A leader in Australia’s digital industry, Paul is an authority on the transformative nature of technology and the internet, and shares intriguing insights about what the future of online might look like and how it will shape our world and workforce.

Some topics he and David cover include:

  • Different approaches to IP and how they change according to today’s learning economy;
  • Millennials, their unique value and what they have to offer the future workforce;
  • The parallels that can be drawn between the evolution of online and the formation of our solar system;
  • What ‘planets’ he foresees forming in the online space currently dominated by US and China superpowers such as Facebook and Alibaba; and
  • Australia’s potential to tap into this future of online.


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