#85 Michael Schoonhoven on Content Service Programs

#85 Michael Schoonhoven on Content Service Programs

InTransition this week comes from Content Marketing World in the USA, where David catches up with Michael Schoonhoven from the Netherlands. Michael talks about Content Service Programs, which use content across all business areas, not just communications and marketing.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • changes in content marketing
  • Content Service Programs – content for new and existing clients, and to help your staff as well
  • with content you can be in service of your audience
  • who is responsible for content creation?
  • building a content team in all business areas
  • the importance of purpose in driving content
  • how to build patience in a world of short term campaigns
  • the Content Marketing World “hall of fame”

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How Michael describes Content Service Programs

“When most people talk about content marketing, they think of lead generation. If we most education about content marketing, it’s about lead generation, about SEO, about attracting more visitors, et cetera. But if you take it a step higher and think more of the purpose driven content, you’re not campaigning, you’re not marketing content, you’re just think more in how can you translate content to a service. The service has a totally different mindset because a service can be to your existing customers as well.

Like if you have a new a client and he comes and you want him as an ambassador, you need a lot of service to him to have him work with your product or your service very successfully. If you give him a lot of content service, he will be very satisfied because he got all the education, all the information he needs to use your product or your service.”



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