EP#70: Creating a long-term relationship with COVID-19 – with Garrett Tyler Parker

How is COVID changing the way we operate? Some researchers are pivoting their focus, and looking at how people are coping with lockdown.

With a background in psychology, our guest this week is researching the wellbeing of Australians during COVID and how government needs to adapt communications strategy in this time.

In this episode of GovComms, contentgroup CEO, David Pembroke, is joined by Garrett Tyler-Parker in #studio19, to discuss research during a health crisis. As a second wave hits, Garrett stresses the importance of creating communications strategy that is engaged with the world, and reflects how people are feeling.

Garrett is the Canberra Managing Director of Pollinate Research, an independent market and social research company. With research experience in Australia and South East Asia and previous experience in The Parliament House Federal Press Gallery, Garrett brings a well-rounded, real-world perspective to research, incorporating human behaviour and systems thinking, to deliver actionable results.

Garrett’s experience covers a broad range of categories; from small not-for-profit organisations to local, state and federal government agencies, through to nation-leading companies and multi-national organisations. Garrett’s specialisation is strategic Government research, and bringing the voice of the public into the decision making process.

Garrett is also a guest lecturer at ANU and UNSW on Market Research and was recently published in The Australian Journal of Psychology.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How are Australians dealing with COVID-19?
  • Using research to ensure wider systems approaches
  • Why psychographics drive engaged government communications
  • The importance of rich picture exercises
  • Understanding the why behind decision making
  • The disruption of COVID and the why research is vital