Ep#38: Communications for Complex Organisations – with Tanya Bowes

Tanya is a communications and brand professional with over 20 years’ experience. Her wide range of skills relate to communications and branding strategy, public relations, issues management, stakeholder communications and government liaison.

Tanya has led communications for organisations in both public and private sectors. Prior to managing corporate affairs at the CSIRO, Tanya was the General Manager of Communications at Destination NSW. Her prior roles have also seen her lead functions across Japan, Asia Pacific, the United Kingdom and Europe, working both client and agency side.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Making the shift from private to public
  • Advice on managing ministerial transitions
  • Tanya’s take on the most effective communications channels
  • The importance of having a clear purpose
  • Dealing with message saturation
  • Using powdered broccoli lattes to achieve strategic objectives
  • The benefits of collaboration and how to identify valuable opportunities
  • Capitalising on the demand for video
  • How Tanya measures campaign success: lead and lag measures
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