EP#52: The impact on Infrastructure

COVID-19 has obviously had a huge impact on Australia. House prices have gone up, offices have moved to home, school has become virtual and let’s not forget the great toilet paper crisis of 2020. Every government department has been working hard to embrace this impact and more importantly begin thinking about how to recover from it moving forward. The infrastructure sector is no stranger to this. Spanning from transport, cities and communications, the pandemic has certainly reshaped its future. So what will the future look like and who are the key players behind it all?

In this weeks episode we are joined by Deputy Secretary of Regional, Cities and Territories at the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, Dr Rachel Bacon and Director-General at Transport Canberra and City Services, Alison Playford. Listen as they chat with guest host, Michael Sanese, Senior Manager at PwC from IPAA ACT’s Future Leaders Committee about the impact COVID has had in the infrastructure sector.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Australia’s infrastructure landscape
  • COVID-19 recovery plans
  • Managing supply and demand
  • Leading in a crisis