121: Story telling, media liaison and THAT census debacle with the ABS’s Kanchan Dutt

121: Story telling, media liaison and THAT census debacle with the ABS's Kanchan Dutt

This week on InTransition David speaks with Kanchan Dutt, Director of Media, Digital and Design Communications at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Originally from the UK and with a background in journalism, Kanchan has been in the Australian public service for around a decade now, moving from the ACT government and community services into the federal statistics agency. As a self-described “dutiful public servant”, Kanchan’s experience has equipped him with countless valuable insights, some of which he shares with David in this episode of InTransition. They include:

* The growing importance of story telling;

* Why meeting people face-to-face is the key to communication success;

* How to effectively reach reporters and relay the story you want told; and

* That ABS census debacle.

Tune in for the whole chat.

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