138: Building strong relationships with your audience, with Trevor Young

A veteran of the world of marketing and content creation, Trevor Young joins us this week to talk about the changes he’s observed in his 25-year marketing career. While the internet has made it easier for people to communicate, the daily saturation of content in people’s lives means it’s becoming ­­harder and harder to break through the noise.

In this episode, Trevor provides us with ways to do just that; break through the noise and engage a following. His tips include finding what interests your audience, then building your skill set to meet those interests and specialising as required, to make your relationship with your audience a successful one.

Like our host David, Trevor is one of the old dogs in the industry, busy teaching us all the new tricks. There’s a lot we can learn from those communicators who began their careers at the dawn of the internet, and this podcast is a rare insight into those times.

Listen to two old friends discuss the past and future of content.

Discussed in this podcast:

  • How to build strong relationships with your audience
  • The growing noise in marketing and how to avoid it
  • Connecting PR with content marketing
  • It’s a competition for people’s attention
  • How to get people to listen, and stay listening
  • Why storytelling is such a crucial element in engaging your audience
  • Ways you can get creative with your approach to content creation
  • The future generation of comms professionals: more prepared than ever
  • Generalise your skills, then specialise
  • Learning from experience – want to give advice about a podcast? Make a podcast. Want to provide tips for blogs? Start your own blog.

What is content communication? It is a strategic, measurable, and accountable business process that relies on the creation, curation, and distribution of useful, relevant, and consistent content. The purpose is to engage and inform a specific audience in order to achieve a desired citizen and/or stakeholder action. That is the practice and the process of content communication.

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