EP#89: A Podcast about Podcasts – with Kellie Riordan

On this episode of GovComms, contentgroup CEO David Pembroke and Kellie Riordan looks at podcasts from an entirely new lens. Tune in to listen to a podcast … about podcasts. With the help of Australia’s leading podcast expert, we explore the history of podcasts, as well as their future.

Kellie is Australia’s leading podcast strategist, and the creative lead behind many of Australia’s biggest podcasts including Conversations, Ladies We Need To Talk, and Unravel True Crime. She was also the founding Commissioning Editor of ABC Audio Studios.

Kellie recently founded her own independent audio and podcast consultancy, Deadset Studios. In this episode of GovComms, Kellie reveals why she left the ABC to create Deadset Studios.

Kellie leads us through the three phases of podcasting throughout history, explaining why 2020 sparked the third phase. She predicts where the podcasting profession will be five years from now, as well as the trends that will eventually take over the podcasting world.

Kellie explains what makes a good podcast, how to build a podcast audience, what makes podcasts different from radio and television, what the best platforms are to host your podcast and what skills you need to be a good podcast host.

Kellie also gives tips on how to avoid ‘pod fade’, a common trend when people get excited about their podcast, only to lose interest after only a few episodes.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The past, present and future of podcasts and the podcasting industry.
  • The career of Kellie Riordan, and how she became Australia’s leading podcast guru.
  • How to create and sustain a successful podcast in 2020.
  • The three phases in the history of podcasting, including the third phase which began in 2020.