EP#85: Brain Training for Success – With Professor Selena Bartlett

This week on GovComms, we speak with Professor Selena Bartlett who is a Research Capacity Building Professor in the School of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Health at the Queensland University of Technology.

Contentgroup CEO David Pembroke learns everything you need to know about the brain and how to train the brain from Professor Bartlett.

In addition to her aforementioned role, Professor Bartlett is a Group Leader in Translational Neuroscience and has been awarded the Lawrie Austin Award for her contributions to Neuroscience by the Australian Neuroscience Society in 2019.

Professor Bartlett is also the CEO and Founder of MiGFiT Inc, a start-up company spun out her research lab that is focused on brain training for resilience, fitness and to reduce addiction and obesity.

She has won the Outstanding Achievement Award and the Biotech Research Award and was an Ambassador for the Women in Technology organisation. Professor Bartlett recently launched three books to raise awareness about the brain health and to make neuroscience neuroplasticity actionable. Additionally, she has presented a TEDx talk about the brain fitness and neuroplasticity revolution underway focused on neuroplasticity for brain health.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The evolution of the brain and how it affects us now
  • How you can train your brain
  • Prevention vs Treatment to improve mental health
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Doomscrolling