Riverview Group Website Redevelopment

The Riverview Group required an update to their public-facing website. The website had out of date information, broken links, and a user interface that was non-optimal for mobile phone usage. The website architecture was also in need of improvement to facilitate a more positive user experience.

A redeveloped website was produced and taken live in May 2020. This included revised content (updated for accuracy and readability) as well as new imagery and branding for the Riverview Group.




Additionally, contentgroup delivered a new logo and style guide for the Riverview group. Mock-ups for new business cards were also supplied.  

contentgroup conducted a series of scoping meetings to identify Riverview’s core pain points, opportunities for improvement, and primary objectives regarding the website.

Re-drafting of all written website content was conducted with a focus on improving the brand narrative. Once approved, the content was incorporated in a mock-up of the new website structure and theme options. This was followed by the design and delivery of visual components of the new brand as per client advice. The website architecture was produced and optimised to be compatible with all screen sizes. 

In May 2020, the new site was went live, with the inclusion of the new Riverview logo, imagery, and narrative.

“contentgroup has done an amazing job at redeveloping our website. They provided us useful feedback alongside some great ideas. contentgroup’s team was very good at explaining things. They are very easy to work with – we would be happy to partner with them in the future.”
Alexia Mudruk
Office Manager and Accountant, Riverview Group



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