Helping government communicators deliver better outcomes for citizens and stakeholders.

What is the GovComms Institute?

Our story

The GovComms Institute is a place for government communicators from all over the world to discuss their common purpose, common challenges and common opportunities. It allows us to examine best practice, solve problems and make connections. Our mission is to prepare government communicators to make the most of digital transformation. The GovComms Institute will focus on the unique challenges of communicating on behalf of government with citizens at a local, state, federal and multi-lateral levels. The GovComms Institute will explore how to build and sustain high performing government communication teams through bringing together media, content, stakeholder engagement, data science, behavioural science and technology skills in a single capability.

Effective communication is at the heart of public sector and policy success. The GovComms Institute is for anyone working in or with government who wants to improve their communication skills in order to make a bigger impact. From early career to experienced public servants, the GovComms Institute will meet your needs through research, education, case studies, training, webinars and forums.


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Organisational Listening

While interpersonal listening is becoming more and more appreciated, there is a large gap when it comes to how organisations or larger bodies listen as a collective. Learn how to improve with Distinguished Professor Jim Macnamara.


A global platform for government communicators from all over the world to meet, learn and share experiences in order to achieve better outcomes for citizens and stakeholders.

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Areas of focus

The GovComms Institute is focused on leading practice in the following areas.

Enriching the evidence base for effective government and public sector communication practice.

Strategic communication, change management, behavioural science, stakeholder engagement, channel selection, measurement and evaluation.

How do governments create and distribute their stories in a multi-channel world?

Managing data, creating insights, learning lessons. How do we use feedback to continuously improve the way we communicate with citizens and stakeholders?

Machine Learning. Voice. Augmented Reality. What does the future look like and how can we harness its power?

Writing, video production, graphic design, social marketing, strategic communication, data analytics, stakeholder engagement, behavioural science, leadership, interpersonal and advanced communication skills, critical thinking. The GovComms Institute will deliver fit for purpose training for government communicators at all levels. 

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