Essential services ​

We help government and the public sector:

  • Prepare effective, citizen-centred communication strategies and plans.
  • Prepare, edit, design and proofread useful, relevant and effective communication materials: web content, brochures, annual reports, graphic design, videos, animations, podcasts, webinars and social media.
  • Measure and evaluate the impact of communication activity.
  • Build capability through expert advice and training.

Strategic communication​

We help our government and public sector clients achieve results through the application of our evidence-based planning framework (D2CCE). Our process defines objectives, audiences, stakeholders, channels, content types, measurement and evaluation. Our approach creates a clear direction for a project or program and identifies roles, responsibilities, risks and benefits. It is an essential tool.

Written content

We prepare high-quality written material. Clear, no fluff, straight to the point. Clear is the new clever so we ensure all of our plain English content has impact, is on-message and delivered on-deadline.


We produce original, on-style graphic design, videos, animations, podcasts, webinars and social media material to tell stories with impact.

Expert advice and training

contentgroup’s mission is “to help government strengthen communities and improve the well-being of citizens through effective communication’’. We are committed to building the capability of our clients through expert advice and training.

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