EP#95: Revisiting ‘Embracing neurodiversity in the public sector’

Neurodiversity has become an important topic in the Australian public sector. With research suggesting that teams can be 30 per cent more productive with neurodivergent professionals, workplaces stand much to gain from greater inclusivity. Yet, many public sector workplaces can still do more to be neurodiversity inclusive.

In this rerun of our most popular Work with Purpose episodes in 2023, we revisit a conversation featuring three public service thought leaders: Lee Steel, Ability Network Champion and First Assistant Secretary, Intergovernmental Relations and Reform Division at PM&C, Robin Edmonds, Assistant Director, Media Reform Branch at the Department of Infrastructure and co-founder and co-chair of the cross-agency APS+ Neurodiversity Community of Practice, and Andrew Pfeiffer, Ability Network Executive and Adviser, BETA at PM&C. They discussed what public sector workplaces could look like in 2028 and how to better support neurodivergent individuals.


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A transcript of this episode can be found here.*

*Please note, this transcript is from the original episode, Episode 77.