Suburban Land Agency

AboutThe Opportunity

The Suburban Land Agency aims to create thriving communities and achieve its land sales and other policy objectives for the ACT.

In 2017 the agency underwent an organisational restructure and rebrand which had a significant impact on their relationships with stakeholders. To manage the impact of the change, and improve their relationships with key stakeholders, the SLA required an engagement strategy to re-establish and build trust between the organisation, the community and their partners.

The Strategy needed to map how, why and when the Agency would engage with stakeholders to achieve its strategic objectives.

AboutThe Project

contentgroup developed a stakeholder engagement strategy to position the organisation in a relevant way to a wide and varied group of audiences and develop tactics to achieve their strategic objectives.

We conducted a series of qualitative activities to collate information and identify gaps and opportunities: this included SWOT analysis, channel audits and workshops and interviews across the SLA organisation. Opinions were also solicited from key external stakeholders.

The three main focuses of the project were to help SLA:

  • develop more engagement consistency through documentation,
  • provide them a plan and tools to become more proactive,
  • and deliver more transparency through reporting and evaluation.

An engagement process and measurement framework also supported department leads to embed collaboration and accountability across the organisation.

Suburban Land Agency is now implementing our strategy to help them build stronger relationships with stakeholders and foster more responsible and sustainable practices.

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