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AboutThe opportunity

The Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) ACT division delivers a program of events to enable discussion about promoting excellence and professionalism in public administration. In 2016 the organisation formed a partnership with contentgroup to produce videos of its ‘Secretary Series’ and other events to distribute to IPAA’s membership and a wider audience.

The events involved features Secretaries from a broad range of Federal Government Departments. As these functions are routinely sold out, a fast turnaround of video content was required.

AboutThe project

Our strategy

The first priority was a quality product.

contentgroup worked with IPAA ACT to develop consistent branding graphics to present a unified look to the videos that was complementary to IPAA’s on-stage visuals, and web content.

As these events are of a long duration, we aimed to make the videos more engaging by employing multiple camera angles.

The second priority was fast delivery of the finished content. This was achieved by scheduling our in-house production facility for editing and upload the next day to IPAA ACT’s Vimeo Channel.

We also provided transcripts for the IPAA website.

IPAA ACT encouraged its membership to view the videos via its newsletter and website.


To date contentgroup has produced 13 event videos for IPAA ACT, as well as full coverage of the 2016 IPAA ACT Conference. The audience engagement ranges from roughly 100 to 1000 views per event video.

The calibre of the presenters that IPAA is able to secure ensures that these events are very popular amongst IPAA’s membership, and the broader public sector. The popularity of the subsequent videos suggests that quality video content is reaching a wider audience as well.

The videos also serve to promote upcoming events, and maintain a historical record of public sector leadership thinking.

For more information about IPAA ACT, please visit https://www.act.ipaa.org.au

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